Grand Assembly of Mississippi, IORG
Grand Assembly of Mississippi, IORG

          Adult Leadership Team

Supreme Deputy - Mrs. LaDonna Hamilton

State Deputy - Mrs. Linda Hayles, PGWA

Grand Deputy, South - Miss Alicia Gore, PGWA

Grand Deputy, North - Mrs. Onaye Farrish, PWA

Gen. Grand Chairman -

   Mrs. Terri Gore

Director, Grand Cross of Color -

   Miss Kathy Chatham

Dir. of Grand Representatives &
   Calvacade of Flags - 
Mrs. Debbie Cameron 

State Musician - Mrs. Lynette McVey

Registration Chair - Mrs. Mary Brumley

State Recorder - Mrs. Dawn Stevenson

State Mother Advisor - Mrs. Terri Gore

State Rainbow Dad - Mr. John Storley

High Sheriff - Mrs. Sandy Henderson

Grand Choir Mom - Mrs. Casey Hutto

Grand Assembly Mom - Mrs. Stephanie Mitchell

Grand Assembly Dad - Mr. Greg Hall

Grand Assembly Grandmother - 
Mrs. Dee Lois Langston

Grand Assembly Grandfathers - 
   Mr. Bill Hamilton and Mr. J. W. Hoatland

Alumni Liaison -

   Mrs. Jennifer Lyons and Mrs. Kara Goff Clark

Jurisdictional Marketing Liaison: Print, Email,           Social Media - Mrs. Maggie Moore

Jurisdictional Marketing Liaison:  Website
  Administration - 
Mrs. Robin Hildebrand

Grand Assembly Sweetheart - Mrs. Judy Chatham

GA Committees 2020-2021


Faith Assembly #72


GWA Welcome Reception 

Faith Assembly #72



Pascagoula Assembly #23


Drills and Colors

Pearl River Assembly #37



Pascagoula Assembly #23


Out of State Guests

Biloxi Assembly #45


Founder’s Day Breakfast

Faith Assembly #72


Grand Cross of Color Breakfast

Pearl River Assembly #37

Red Hills Assembly #73 


All-Girl Luncheon

State Miss Rainbow (chair)

Jr. State Miss Rainbow

Grand Assembly Mom


Grand Officer Luncheon

GWAA (chair)

Grand Line Officers

State Mother Advisor


Grand Page/Choir Luncheon

Grand Assembly Mom

Grand Choir Mom



   Adult Committees 2020-2021

Ritual Committee and Memorial Service

Mrs. Linda Hayles, PGWA, Chair

Miss Alicia Gore , PGWA

Mrs. Onaye Farrish, PWA


State Miss Rainbow

Mrs. Dee Lois Langston, Chair

Mrs. Margaret Woodward

Mrs. Mary Brumley


Grand Assembly Nurses

Mrs. Terri Gore

Mrs. Debbie Cameron

Mrs. Casey Hutto

Mr. Robert Hutto


Our TLC (tote, lug, carry) and Transportation Committee

Mr. Bill Hamilton

Mr. JW Hoatland

All Rainbow Dads

Door and Crossing Guards

Mr. John Storley, SRD

All Rainbow Dads and Granddads



Grand Executive Committee


Junior Executives:

Emma, GWA

Minley, GWAA

Natalie Grand Charity & State Miss Rainbow

Sara, Grand Hope

Gracie, Grand Faith

Miriam, Grand Treasurer

Ashlynn, Jr. Grand Deputy and PGWA


Senior Executives:

Mr. Bill Hamilton

Mrs. Terri Gore, SMA, Chair

Mr. John Storley, SRD

Mrs. Stephanie Mitchell

Mrs. Sandy Henderson

Mrs. Mary Brumley

Mrs. Margaret Woodward

Mr. JW Hoatland

Mrs. LaDonna Hamilton


Emeritus Members:

Mrs. Johnnie Sue Ford, WGM

Mr. Larry McVey, WGP

Mr. Harold Norton, MWGM



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