Grand Assembly of Mississippi, IORG
Grand Assembly of Mississippi, IORG

 Mississippi Jurisdictional Alumni Association




To Sustain the lifelong friendships established though membership in the
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.




To Enhance the lifelong friendships of all members of the
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
through leadership development, scholarships
and an exceptional sisterhood experience.


Goals and Future Activities 


Once our state Alumni Association is established, some ideas for events and goals include hsting a statewide picnic, and alumni luncheon at Grand Assembly, helping the GWA with her Grand Service Project, and providing a "scholarship" to help with the cost of Grand Assembly to the girl who brings in the most petitions in the state, and publishing a quarterly newsletter via email to keep you updated on Mississippi Rainbow.


Ways We Can Help


As "Grownup" Rainbow Girls, there are many ways we can be of service. If you can't commit sitting on an Advisory Board, we still need you!

Maybe you can help a girl with her ritual work and proficiency.

Maybe you can help drive to a special event.

Maybe you can help with a service project.

Maybe you can teach the girls an art and craft.

Maybe you can help alter dresses.

Maybe you can donate some old formals for the girls.

Maybe you can recruit a new member.

Anything you can do will help.

Help preserve our beautiful order and its teachings for future generations.


Mrs. Jennifer Lyons and Mrs. Kara Goff Clark are the Alumni Co-Chair. If you have any questions, you may send a message via the contact page.

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